Mumford Wall Mounted


There is one Mumford wall mounted steam pump in the collection.

  • Double Acting Type DA3, c1930, Ireland

Double Acting Type DA3, c1930, Ireland

Size: 3" steam cylinder, 1" pumping cylinder with 3" stroke

This pump was acquired in 2006 and is an early model of their standard 3" double acting water feed pump manufactured by G A Mumford of Colchester, Essex.

The firm was taken over in the 1930's so this version must be about 80 years old. It was originally exported to Ireland as one of 4 pumps. They were re-imported upon being rendered out of use and sold at auction for restoration.

The pump had been well used and was in a poor condition. It has been fully stripped and rebuilt with new stainless steel liner, piston and rod, new bronze eccentric block along with new pins, nuts and studs. The bronze bearings were also badly worn and have been white metalled and machined to fit the crankshaft that has also been reground. In December 2008 the pump was re-commissioned on compressed air following its major refit and ran well.