Joseph Evans Hand Operated


Joseph Evans & Sons, Pump Makers, Wolverhampton, England.

Catalogue"B" Hand Pumps & Small Power Pumps, January 1947 Edition issued to and obtained from the now closed Beckton Gas Works, North Thames Gas Board.

Joseph Evans & Sons, Catalogue of Pumps & Pumping Machinery, 1894 Edition Section 1, Hand Pumps etc.

Village hand pumps were very common during the Victorian period and a full list of manufacturers and details may be found in the excellent web site:-


There are four Joseph Evans and a Lee Howl hand pump in the collection.

  • Cistern Lift Pump, Model No.5, Fig 5L, 2" Barrel with flanged lid & tail section
  • Colonial Lift & Force Pump mounted on timber plank, Fig 131, 2" Barrel
  • Cistern Lift Pump, Model No.4, Fig 5D - taller version with 3" Barrel
  • Pitcher Spout Lift Pump, Model No.2 Fig 14, 2" Barrel and open top
  • Lee Howl Colonial Suction Hand Pump, Fig 5 with 3" Barrel
  • Cast Iron Copies - Two x Pitcher Spout Lift Pumps-3" Barrels

Cistern Lift Pump, Fig 5L, 2" Barrel

The pump was advertised and purchased though eBay in 2007 from a seller in Somerset.

This pump has an iron leather-cupped bucket with jaw top, iron wing bucket valve seated on a brass follower and an iron-weighted suction clack valve.

The tail-piece is fitted with an iron nut and brass outlet screwed for wrought iron tube. The pump is supplied with lugs on the barrel for securing to a plank or wall, hence known as model 5L.

The handle can be arranged for left or right hand operation and stands about 24" tall.

Colonial Lift & Force Pump, Fig 131, 2" Barrel

This pump is a brass lift and force pump and was purchased through eBay from Essex in March 2008. It is fitted with a wrought iron handle working in bushed bearings and is mounted on a hard-wood plank. The bucket rod is of gun metal and is fitted with a brass leather-cupped bucket with a brass wing valve. The suction and delivery valves are of the leather brass-weighted flap type.

These pumps noramlly have screwed suction and delivery pipes, but this pump is arranged for fitting to lead pipes. It stands about 5 feet tall.

Cistern Lift Pump, Model No.4, Fig 5D - Tall Version with 3" Barrel

Cast with lugs on the main barrel for fixing to a lower flange.

Acquired in August 2020 from the family of the late Don Cross, a former member of the South Wiltshire Archaeology Society (SWIAS) in Salisbury.

Examination found one broken bottom barrel lug and a broken section of the upper forked handle bearing; the latter appearing to have been previously well repaired using a pair of dumbbell shaped plates over the forked bearing and to an additional hole through the top of the handle - although this repair was well worn with use.

The dumbbell shaped plates have now been bored out and sleeved with bronze inserts, new pins made and distance washers installed. A small length of cast iron liner, 3" diameter, inserted into the bottom of the barrel to support a fixing for the broken lug, glued and screwed in place. Upon needle gunning, the outline of the Evans Rampant Lion could just be seen. The pump has been painted in green Hammerite and is fully restored.

Pitcher Spout Lift Pump, Model No.2, Fig 14, 2" Barrel and open top.

This pump was acquired from a member of SWIAS; it is complete and has been fully stripped, needle gunned and fully restored.

Lee Howl Colonial Suction Hand Pump, Model No.3, Fig 5, 3" Barrel.


Purchased in Aug 2010 from an Essex Antique Centre; an original Lee Howl hand pump confirmed by the Trade Mark flag on one side and "British Made" cast on the opposite side.

The Lee Howl Catalogue illustrates this pump as a Colonial Suction pump, fig 5, fitted with lugs for wall or plank mounting, with an iron bucket, brass valve seat, an iron weighted leather suction clack and a union with an iron cap and brass tail screwed for BSP thread. All flanges circular and secured by bolts with hexagon nuts - all being accessible. All pumps have four bolts in the top flange enabling it to be fixed in four positions. The 3" barrelled pump was rated at 350g/h and the unit weighed about 35lbs.

The pump was purchased complete; it has been fully stripped, cleaned and repainted in black Hammerite for conservation.

Two x Pitcher Spout Lift Pumps - Cast Iron copies

These two hand pumps appear to be good copies of the Evans Pitcher Spout Lift Pump similar Fig 14 as above but with closed tops. The castings appear to be well made with a pleasing smooth finish. They are of little historic value but, nevertheless, are good examples of the Pitcher Spout Hand Pump - they have both been restored and re-painted.