Joseph Evans QA Twin Reliable


Joseph Evans & Sons, Pump Makers, Wolverhampton, England.

Catalogue"A" Steam & Air-Operated Pumps, July 1947 Edition issued to and obtained from the now closed Beckton Gas Works, North Thames Gas Board.


There is one Joseph Evans QA Twin Reliable steam pump in the collection; this pump has now been relocated to Internal Fire Museum in West Wales.

  • #Twin QA horizontal 6x4x9, No.31312, 1939, Caerphilly Tar Plant

#Twin QA horizontal 6x4x9, No.31312, 1939, Caerphilly Tar Plant

Size: 6" steam cylinders, 4" pumping cylinders with 9" stroke and 42" diameter central flywheel. Each pump half is double acting, so the whole twin pump is effectively quadruple acting (QA) with a central flywheel.

This pump was one of two pitch circulating pumps supplied to the new Caerphilly tar works, South Wales in 1939. No. 31308 to No.1 distillation unit and No. 31312 to No.2 unit.

The standby pumps for each unit were however of a completely different design, manufactured by Stothert & Pitt of Bath. In 1962 the Stothert & Pitt pumps were replaced by two new Evans twin recirculating pumps, manufactured in 1962 by Weirs and numbered 322134 & 5 to their latest design, incorporating spring valves and slide bars. Nos. 31308/12 then became the stand by pumps, being used primarily for start up duties.

No. 31312 remained as stand by pump for No. 2 unit until the early 1980s, when it was removed and replaced by a refurbished pump obtained from Salamon & Sons, Tar Distillers, Ferry Lane, Rainham in Essex, No 62309A built in 1957, size 6x5x9.

No. 31312 remained on site, dismantled until 1987, when following closure it was purchased by Alan McEwen of Keithley. Unfortunately owing to other commitments it remained outdoors and un-restored until October 1996 when it was repurchased and transported back to Essex.

The pump has also been transferred to West Wales, has now been completely dismantled and is currently undergoing the slow process of full restoration back to its original 1939 condition.

Shown below is another Ex-Salamon & Sons Evans twin recirculating pump 6x5x9, No 57/62309B but fitted with 1939 pumping ends, owned by Norman Heath and currently on dislay at the Museum of Power, Langford, Essex.

The two lower photos show twin pump No.33952B following removal from the pump-house, Avenue Tar plant, Chesterfield and awaiting collection.

Video (2.5MB 10s) :Running on Compressed Air